How The IRS Is Helping Taxpayers To Fix Their Debt Problems

How The IRS Is Helping Taxpayers To Fix Their Debt Problems

Rumor has it that the IRS has been qualifying many more people than usual for tax relief since they reopened. Some say each employee had a stack of proposals and offers on their desks¾others say it is because of the effort to send out the stimulus checks to all Americans. Insiders claim that the IRS backlog when they reopened. Eleven million, some estimates say¾eleven million unanswered letters at its peak, which forced employees to hurry through the backlog.


Qualification for tax relief is not limited to the poor, and ownership of a house and cars will not impede your chances of getting relief. The IRS wants to alleviate hardship, so hardship is the main factor that you need to demonstrate.

Hardship? Did you lose your job? Did you suffer an accident? Did you experience a natural disaster? All of the above qualify as hardship. The COVID-19 pandemic affected almost every taxpayer negatively, so now is the time to determine if you might qualify for tax relief as a result. The IRS examiner will require documentation from you to prove that you suffered hardship.


If you owe back taxes, you most likely qualify for tax relief. It’s almost that simple. If you do owe back taxes, you might be eligible for tax relief in as little as fifteen minutes. The IRS Fresh Start Program provides relief for taxpayers who owe thousands in back taxes. The IRS forgave up to 95-percent of back taxes owed, for some. As a result of the ever-complicated and never-static tax laws, many Americans struggle to take full advantage of the program.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Fresh Start Program’s expansion, the IRS streamlined access to Installment Agreements and Offers in Compromise. It is now easier than ever. Many taxpayers never check their eligibility for tax relief programs. It is as easy as answering a few questions about your finances.

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How to plan for IRS tax relief

Baby Boomers And Gen Xers

According to insiders, the IRS Fresh Start Program¾ available to everyone¾is primarily used by baby boomers and Gen Xers. The IRS developed the Fresh Start Program and expanded in 2012. Despite the same, the program remains significantly underused. Statistically, it is the older generation, baby boomers, and Gen Xers who make the best use of the program. One of the reasons why younger taxpayers like millennials and Gen Xers are underrepresented might be that they have not been making payments to the IRS for that long and had less time for error and discrepancy with the agency.

Studies show that people often ignore their IRS debts until it hinders their lifestyle. Older people have a greater need for loans, refinancing mortgages, and improved credit scores. This serves as motivation to resolve their debts with the IRS.

Most Americans find an improvement in their financial freedom by resolving their debts to the federal government. The message to all baby boomers and Gen Xers is ‘now is the time.’ Resolve your debts with the IRS, and the feds will no longer follow you everywhere. Relief is at hand. Check your eligibility.

The IRS created the Fresh Start Program to protect citizens against aggressive IRS collection methods. Now, more taxpayers than ever are eligible for relief. Tragically, many of those who are eligible do not know it.

Today’s IRS is more flexible in their analysis of your ability to pay back taxes, so they make the Fresh Start Program available to a larger group of taxpayers. Many taxpayers who had been denied relief in the past will now qualify. Access to Installment Agreements and Offers in Compromise has been streamlined.

Only a handful of all the Americans who owe taxes to the IRS seek assistance to resolve their debts. The resources are available, but fear of the IRS and loathing for its bureaucracy makes things too complicated for many Americans.

It is true to some degree: taking on the IRS is a full-time job. It might be in your best interests to turn to professional tax practitioners to receive the relief you deserve. Your tax debt is growing. It becomes larger every single day under pressure from penalties and fees. You have to act now to get the best resolution.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief is reasonably hard to obtain and only granted on a case-by-case basis.

Some married couples file jointly, and then both are legally responsible for taxes. The IRS is aware that unique situations arise and that a spouse can not always be liable for errors made wholly by the other spouse.

The IRS will evaluate your case before you can qualify for innocent spouse relief. Some of the factors they will consider include:

  1. Education of the Spouse
  2. Work Experience of the Spouse
  3. Is the couple married, separated, or divorced?

The IRS needs to determine: That you filed jointly, your spouse (or former spouse) did not properly report income, and you had no knowledge of the error. If so, will it be unfair to hold you liable for the unpaid taxes?

This is hard to prove, so we recommend that you partner with a tax professional to build your case. If you now struggle because of your spouse’s tax liabilities, allow us to determine if you qualify for professional tax relief. See our questionnaire below.

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If you want assistance, you only have to answer the questions below. We will check your eligibility and provide you with a helping hand. It’s that easy.

Please introduce yourselfFirst NameLast Name
Zip CodePlease re-type your selection in the correct box using only capital letters.What type of tax relief do you need?1. Personal2. Business3. Both
Did personal, financial, or medical hardship contribute to your tax debt?1. Yes2. No
Do you owe federal OR state taxes?1. Federal2. State3. Federal & State
Do you have any unfiled back taxes?1. Yes2. No3. I’m not sure
According to the IRS, you owe taxes of1. $5,000 or less2. $5,001 to $10,0003. $10,001 to $25,000
4. $25,001 to $50,0005. $50,001 to $75,0006. $75,001 or more
Are you unable to pay your tax debt, and do you need taxpayer relief?1. Yes2. No3. I don’t know
Did the IRS mail you a collection letter?1. Yes2. No3. I don’t know
Do you own assets like property, bank, or investment accounts you want to protect from the IRS?1. Yes2. No3. I don’t know
Do you need to prevent or end wage garnishment, bank levy, or tax lien?1. Yes2. No3. I don’t know
So what now?1. One of our specialists can inform you of your options and how to get fast taxpayer relief.
2. Tell our specialist about all your personal and financial hardship that can help you to qualify for a resolution with the IRS
3. Decide whether you want our specialist to work directly with the IRS (on your behalf) to resolve back taxes (including penalties and interest).
Please provide us with the best email to reach
Please provide us with the best number to reach you:US telephone number
Do you want us to send information to you directly on your phone?Yes or No
If you do, please provide us with permission.

My submission of this provides express written consent to be contacted via SMS to the number I offered to discuss the services provided in response to my requests. I agree that I am authorized to receive calls at the provided number and consent to receive calls from

I waive any registration to any state or corporate ‘do not call registry’ for purposes of such calls. I understand that consent is not required to purchase services, and that message and data rates may apply.

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If you are currently dealing with IRS debt, be sure to contact us and discuss which debt resolution option would be most beneficial for your present situation and future goals and opportunities.

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