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Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Registration

Creating an offshore company can be broken down into three steps: application, documentation and approval. The process can take a couple of weeks and completed with minimal effort.

Offshore Company Incorporation

An offshore company is a legal entity incorporated in a country or jurisdiction with little or zero taxation. The benefits of an offshore company includes zero corporate tax, asset protection, confidentiality, protection from political and economic changes and the risks, associated with them.

Offshore Company Online

You can enjoy the benefits of having an offshore company: zero corporate tax, asset protection and confidentiality to consider when choosing the right jurisdiction and business structure.

Offshore Company In USA

Register A Company In USA

If you plan to open a business in the United States, it’s wise to consider setting up a business entity such as a corporation or limited liability corporation (LLC).  Keep in mind that foreigners cannot set up an “S” corporation, because they are not US citizens.

LLC Company Registration In USA

LLCs or Limited Liability Companies are the preferred entity type for business registration in the US. LLCs do not pay taxes but pass thru the profits or losses to the owner(s) and the owner(s) of the company is (are) responsible for tax reporting.

Delaware Offshore Company Registration

The best place to open an offshore company is Delaware. There are other states such as Wyoming and Nevada that also offer offshore registration with the confidentiality and zero state tax.

Open U.S. Company Online

Setting up a company in US online usually requires submitting articles of incorporation and having a registered agent to the state that you wish to incorporate. There is also a requirement for a physical address and at lest one director, partner or shareholder.

Offshore Bank Account

Offshore Bank Account

An offshore bank account is a fundamental piece of your international diversification strategy. You can open it remotely and in the USA. It will be especially important and helpful in present days when currency controls and government regulations are becoming even more intrusive, slowing down international business and transaction flow.

Offshore Strategies For Fintech Companies

Offshore Strategies For Fintech Companies

Offshore banking supports the expansion of financial services and opportunities that Fintech provides, including the ability to apply for a banking license in an offshore jurisdiction.

MSB License

Money Transmitter License Application

Money transmission operations are highly regulated in the U.S. on both state and federal levels. Money transmitters need to keep compliance and AML policies to do business.

MSB License USA

A money service business (MSB) is an individual or company with a license from the state to conduct business as:
• A currency dealer or exchanger
• A check casher
• An issuer or seller of traveler´s checks, money orders, or other stored value.

Offshore Banking License

Offshore Bank License For Sale

Offshore banking brings many benefits and it is completely legal when done correctly. But what’s more useful is to know the jurisdictions you can get a license for a start-up bank.

Offshore Banking Licensing in Puerto Rico

A license for offshore banking from Puerto Rico will allow your entity to:
Engage in traditional banking & financial transactions with non-residents of PR. It will also provide the entity with Tax Grant for a reduced income tax rate.

Corresponding Banking

Correspondent Account Services

If you receive deposits from third parties you need a correspondent bank account to execute wire transfers and accept deposits from your clients.

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