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Your Real Estate Investment is a great alternative to preserve wealth and reduce  reduce taxes for your STRs (Short Term Rental), LTRs (Long Term Rental), House Flipping, SFH (Single Family Home), MFH (Multi Family Home).

Tax Strategy For Real Estate Investors

Creating a tax plan for your real estate venture is the best strategy to maximize tax shelters. This will save you time to dedicate to your real estate business and the painful experience of a large tax bill. Between, gift tax, capital gain tax, estate tax and income tax, a plan that helps you anticipate and put in place the actions to benefit from the tax code proactively using deductions available.

Deductions Available

Interest Expense,
Fixer-Uppers vs Rental Property Investment,
Self-Directed IRA vs Solo IRA,
1031 Exchange,
Gift Tax,
Capital Gain Tax,
Estate Tax, and
Tax Deferral Techniques,
Capital Gains Tax Planning,
Asset Protection Planning for Real Estate,
Partnership Exit Strategies,
Depreciation Recapture Minimization Planning Tax-Free.

Reduce Your Tax Bill

There are many real estate strategies designed to help you reduce your tax bill. Many of them are very sophisticated and involve proper planning:

Acquisitions and Dispositions of Partnership and LLC Interests,
Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges (including forward, reverse, and exchanges involving tenant-in-common interests),
Tax-Deferred Installment Sales.
Conservation Easements and Charitable Trusts, Tax-Free
Partnership Liquidations Spinoffs and Partnership Divisions.

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Fulton is a wonderful CPA who fully understands tax law and provides honest advice for his clients.

    Al Kusner
    Al Kusner


    Thanks to FAS & CPA Consultants and Fulton Abraham Sanchez, CPA, I was able to resolve a debt of $479,677.71 that I had with the IRS.

      Gala Cedeño
      Gala Cedeño


      My experience with FAS CPA & Consultants has been incredible, their professionalism is impeccable. I highly recommend them.

        Carlos Lange
        Carlos Lange


        I highly recommend FAS CPA & Consultants, they are responsible, efficient and very dedicated.                                        

          David Barcelo
          David Barcelo


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