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Forming an offshore company in the USA can bring asset protection and confidentiality for your investments.

Business Structure And Entity Formation

If your business will have a physical presence in the United States, it’s wise to consider setting up a business entity, such as a corporation or limited liability corporation (LLC). Keep in mind that foreigners cannot set up an “S” corporation, because they are not citizens and file individual tax returns, and this is where S corporations would report their business income.

Company Incorporation In USA

The is generally comprised of two steps:
1) Applying to register the company in the specific state for example Florida.
2) Applying for an tax ID or employer identification number EIN with the IRS.

The time for completion for US citizens and US residents is 15 days. For foreign citizens 30 days.

How To Open an Offshore Company in Delaware

The best places to open an offshore account or a company to protect your wealth is Delaware. This has spiked the interest of many international investors who are constantly looking for ways to find more privacy for their finances. Certainly, one of the ways to do that now is bringing your wealth to certain states in the U.S. Having read that, naturally you would want to know how to open an offshore company in Delaware and we will give you the answer.

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