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Accounting Strategies

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Accounting Services For Small Business

Accounting Services For Small Business

Your mind and heart are always on your business and a reliable accounting service will help you reach your goals, grow and thrive.

Auditing With AI

An audit report is a fundamental tool to formally picture your business. The objective of the audit is to...

Payroll Services

Payroll for Small Business

It is always better to report payroll to avoid the 3 lines the IRS might get you:
• You must report that you pay yourself payroll in the company report.
• Always have a payroll to avoid penalties from the IRS.
• Do not mingle the company money with the personal funds, get a payroll.

Payroll Solutions

If you have a company business and don’t have payroll you have one problem: the possibility the IRS audit you. If you have employees and don’t have payroll you have another problem for each employee besides the possibility of being audited.

Payroll Services for LLCs

There is a principle that if you make money you have to pay taxes. For payroll that means deduction and withholding of income tax, social security, and Medicare on behalf of the IRS. if you are self-employed and you don’t have payroll you are supposed to pay taxes quarterly, the problem is that becomes difficult because you must calculate taxes. It is better to have payroll instead.

Online Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping and Tax Services

Bookkeeping makes you accountable for the transactions of your business, it will force you to take action to take the best decisions for your business growth, plan for expansion and apply for funding.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Accounting Outsourcing

The advantages of outsourcing your accounting is the incorporation of a team of accounting experts at a fractional cost and the availability of your company financial statements online.

Financial Statements

Balance Sheet Management

Your financial statements are a guide to help you take the best decisions for your business, reduce expenses or expand your sales, giving you the one-time selfie of your company activity.

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We regularly meet with Investors to design tax strategies to reduce their tax bill and protect their assets.

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Our vision is to develop an accounting firm with integrity, professionalism, eco-friendly and at the vanguard of technology to help your business thrive.

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Thanks to FAS & CPA Consultants and Fulton Abraham Sanchez, CPA, I was able to resolve a debt of $479,677.71 that I had with the IRS.

    Gala Cedeño
    Gala Cedeño


    My experience with FAS CPA & Consultants has been incredible, their professionalism is impeccable. I highly recommend them.

      Carlos Lange
      Carlos Lange


      I highly recommend FAS CPA & Consultants, they are responsible, efficient and very dedicated.                                        

        David Barcelo
        David Barcelo


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