U.S. Expats: How To Get Help For Your Overseas Tax Filing


This is the tenth and last article based on the IRS podcast: Overseas Filing for U.S. Taxpayers. In this article we will give you some information on how to get help for your overseas tax filing.

The main place where you would go to access forms and publications, to find out information about tax payments is the IRS website. If you have a concern or an issue regarding identity theft, there is a particular portion of the website that addresses how to handle identity theft concerns and issues. There is also telephone assistance for taxpayers outside the United States. Do keep in mind that the service is only available for persons who speak English. There is a separate line dedicated for people who speak Spanish.

Where to find information about Tax Treaties?

The starting point would be Publication 901. This has a summary of the information contained in some of the more popular treaties. However, be aware that Publication 901 is not the final authority. So you want to actually look at the specific treaty between the United States and that of the applicable foreign country for the exact details. On the IRS website you can also find a technical explanation which has some more common language, easier to understand than the exact treaty. But, ultimately, the tax treaty is the ultimate authority on the subject.

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Where to find information about Tax Credit?

Some of the resources include Form 116 and its instructions, and also the information found by clicking here. It talks about what taxes are creditable for foreign tax services.

Where to find information about FinCEN?

In regard to reporting foreign bank account information, the FinCEN site would be the best place, as well as the links showing on the slide.

Where to find information about FBAR Form 8938?

A good place to start whenever you have a question about the requirements of the FBAR Form 8938 is to look at the form instructions itself or the links shown on the slide. If you need more help with your overseas tax filing, you can always contact us at FAS CPA & Consultants. The easiest way to do that would be through a phone call on 786 462 7899 or email us on support@fascpaconsultants.com.

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