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In many occasions when you owe money to the IRS for unpaid tax, you may be unable to settle your debt at once. Having in mind that the total sums sometimes can exceed tens of thousands of dollars it’s understandable that most people won’t have that kind of extra cash to pay the owed amount in one go. In fact, statistics show that only 5% – 10% of tax debt cases are paid in full. What happens with the remaining? The most common scenario sees taxpayers applying for Installment Agreements.

Why Should you Apply for an Installment Agreement?

Offers a faster and easier process of obtaining a monthly payment agreement with the IRS.

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Gala Cedeño

Thanks to FAS & CPA Consultants and Fulton Abraham Sanchez, CPA, I was able to resolve a debt of $479,677.71 that I had with the IRS.

Carlos Lange

My experience with FAS CPA & Consultants has been incredible, their professionalism is impeccable. I highly recommend them.

David Barcelo

I highly recommend FAS CPA & Consultants, they are responsible, efficient and very dedicated.

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