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We Take Care of All the Audit Work

Our IRS Audit Defense includes:

  • Communications and meetings with the IRS from the first notice to complete the audit.
  • Attending all audit appointments.
  • A review of your tax return for additional areas of concern.
  • A review of your documentation before is presented to the IRS.
  • Making all audit phone calls.
  • Handling all audit correspondence.
  • Preparing requests for appeals.

Don’t even have to meet with the IRS.

If you have been contacted by the IRS, the State or a Local Taxing Authority, regarding a possible tax audit, do not panic. Simply contact us as soon as possible for assistance in representing and defending you from further action. .

Fast Act

For the sake of clarity, a ‘seriously delinquent tax’ is an unpaid federal tax liability of more than $52,000 that has been assessed and has become legally enforceable.

  • For which a Federal tax lien has been filed under Section 7345(b)(1)
  • For which the taxpayer’s right to a hearing under Sec.6320 has lapsed or been exhausted.
  • For which a levy has been issued under Sec. 6331

The $52,000 threshold is deceptively low considering that the amount is made up by aggregating:

  • All current tax liabilities
  • All penalties and interest on balances due

If The IRS Wrongfully Revoke Your Passport

  • If the IRS mistakenly notifies the State Department to revoke your passport, they have to issue a reversal notification as soon as is practicable.
  • In all other events (such as the satisfaction of a lien) it has to be done within 30 days.

I Only Found Out About This Passport Business Today

  • Your CPA or tax lawyer must first review all the collection notices issued to you
  • After this review, he will be able to ascertain whether the revocation was applied correctly.
  • Sometimes the State Department will not renew or issue a new passport to you (in terms of notice CP90). In other cases, they may revoke your current passport.

Problems & Ramifications Of Passport Revocations

  • Despite the good intentions, the power to revoke the passports of citizens is very burdensome and affects their rights.
  • Mistakes happen, and the damage can be severe. Sometimes administrative errors on the part of the IRS will lead to the revocation of a taxpayer’s passport.
  • It has been suggested that the IRS provide 30 days notification before certification (and 90 days for taxpayers outside the U.S.).
  • What is more, notices of passport revocation is not being sent to taxpayers’ representatives since according to the IRS the specific representative might not have been in the service of the taxpayer for all the represented tax periods.
  • However, even third-party representatives who hold full power of attorney including all tax years comprising the “seriously delinquent tax debt” is not receiving these notices.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If you come close to the threshold of $52,000, you have to use every option available to prevent further action by the IRS.

  • Come to an installment agreement with the IRS
  • Comply with settlement through the department of justice
  • Consider innocent spouse relief
  • Make an offer in compromise to the IRS
  • Pay the debt in full or at least pay enough to reduce the debt below the $52,000 threshold.
  • Request a due process hearing


Always respond to all the correspondence and notices from the IRS. Prevention is the only cure.

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Don’t Ignore Any Notice

Ignoring any notices that you received from the IRS is the absolute worst thing you can do.

Understand Your Rights

Even though you owe money, the IRS does not have the right to treat you poorly.

Consult a Tax Expert

If you are going to an interview with an IRS revenue officer, take the time to consult with a tax specialist on the matter.

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