IRS Debt Resolution

irs debt relief

If you receive a letter from the IRS or any of the taxing authorities, call us immediately and we will help you. We at FAS CPA & Consultants, will take your case and represent you in front of the IRS, the State or a Local Agency. You can rest assured we will always act in your best interest.

Our IRS Audit Defense includes:

  • Communications and meetings with the IRS from the first notice to complete the audit.
  • Attending all audit appointments.
  • A review of your tax return for additional areas of concern.
  • A review of your documentation before is presented to the IRS.
  • Making all audit phone calls.
  • Handling all audit correspondence.
  • Preparing requests for appeals.

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You don’t even have to meet with the IRS. We take care of all the audit work and solve your case.

If you have been contacted by the IRS, the State or a Local Taxing Authority, regarding a possible tax audit, do not panic. Simply contact us as soon as possible for assistance in representing and defending you from further action. Click the button below, take a deep breath and let us do the work.

Our IRS Debt Resolution Package includes: 

Debt Situation Analysis
Plan of Action with the IRS
Filing of Installment Agreement ($1,500.00 if separately)
Determination of Currently Non Collectible Status (CNC)
Filing of CNC Application


Price  $5,000.00 

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