Funding For Real Estate Projects

Financing is one of the key sources for real estate investing. Our network of lenders specialized in financing the full range of properly sectors, including multifamily, retail, office, industrial, healthcare and senor housing, hospitality and manufactured housing. Whether it is an expansion, rehabilitation, reposition of existing properties, new construction or investments in income producing properties. Our client turn to us for creative financing that can make plans a reality.

  • Construction and redevelopment financing
  • Emphasis on condominium construction, conversion and inventory loans
  • Commercial real estate loans secured by office, hotel, apartments and industrial properties
  • High advance rates which may include a mezzanine component
  • Customized loans to meet borrowers specialized needs

Our network also includes brokers, title and escrow officers and mortgage companies to provide a tailored financing program to the find consumer.

Multifamily and Commercial Loans

There is a wide range of lending terms and options, serviced by the most experienced lenders in the industry: secured and unsecured lines of credit; interim and long-term financing arrangements; rehabilitation loans for completed structures, and other multiple solutions for nearly every financing of land acquisition and development construction, refinance, renovation and rehabilitation, bridge and mezzanine for:

  • Multifamily – more than 5 units
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Large mix use projects
  • large and complex retail and office projects
  • industrial/warehouse and others

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Income Producing Commercial Real Estate

Our network provides solutions to small-middle-market commercial real estate investors and developers seeking equity or financing for income-producing properties, which are customized to fit investment or owner occupied needs: competitive commercial real estate lending mortgage icon-both fixed and variable rate, loan-terms and prepayment options for properties such as:

Multi-family/Tenant Properties

Residential apartments or townhouses that contain five or more dwelling units with common area facilities.

Mixed Use/ Apartment Buildings

These properties integrate residential space with commercial uses (retail and offices). These types of properties are designing to have a ground floor retail stores or offices and condos/departments above, all in the same building.

Retail/Office Buildings

These properties are integrated in community shopping centers which include supermarket, offices, convenience stores, bakeries, department stores, beauty shop, restaurants and bank’s branches, among others

Warehouses/Offices/Industrial: Single and multi-tenant facilities used for warehouses, distribution, light manufacturing and others.

Other Purpose Properties

Automotive/gas stations, small hotel and motels, restaurants, health care, automotive services, churches, etc.

There is also Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan options that enable businesses to obtain secured financing when conventional collateral might not be adequate. SBA loans are extended by some of our network with the guarantee of the federal government. 

Bridge Loans

Whether you’re in need of financing for construction, single property, refinance, portfolio acquisitions and multitude of other value-added investment strategies, cash out or a distressed situation, you can count on our network.

Mezzanine Lending

Senior and mezzanine loans on a variety of real estate, including office, industrial, multi-family, healthcare and special use. Our network’s mezzanine program help clients access higher-leverage financing for use in acquisitions, asset re-positioning or simply to unlock equity. This facility is focused on highly structured, opportunistic transactions and is willing to lend deeper into the capital structure, including mezzanine or entity level financing. In exchange for yield, lending structures may include non-recourse financing. Minimum deal size typically $10 million.

Hard Money Loans

Short-term bridge and gap financing for distressed and time-critical transactions is also available. In this type of transaction, the value of the property is the primary qualification and they are available on projects where the investor has significant equity in the collateral regardless of stated income, bad credit or post-bankruptcy. Loan-to-vogue is between 50-65% of the “quick sole” (90-120 day marketing time) of the disposition value of the collateral property and may be higher on income producing properties ready for rehab. If the loan is used for renovation or construction, the loan amount con be based on the improved value, and would be disbursed in stages. Hard money loans typically do not require income documentation and may be available for all types of borrowing entities. Hard money loans are good for entitled and un-entitled land, residential and commercial land developments, for rehab projects on income producing commercial property, acquisition, construction, bank workouts, reinstate foreclosures and defaults, bankruptcies and partner buyouts, among others. Rates and terms are designed to compensate for the lenders risk: therefore, the rates are higher than conventional loans, but less expensive than an equity partner.

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