Business Growth Strategies

Business growth is the ultimate strategy to sustain your company operations. The key to achieve this objective is to link every element from your strategic plan to the creation of revenue. Linking your plan, strategy and tactics to sales will save you time and money and will make easy the management of your business. There are a few set points for the business cycle that you can anticipate and increase the chance of success of your business.

Set Up

When you open your business there are multiple accounting and tax challenges. You may make mistakes selecting the incorrect company type and pay more taxes, account for expenses as deductions instead of capitalize them as assets, have no idea of the taxes to pay before year-end, forget filing taxes on time and miss getting financing from the bank in the future because filing multi-year losses. These errors can become a weakness that could repeat year after year. By incorporating a tax strategy, you can stop the cycle and make sure the numbers flow as expected.

Solution: our tax planning and tax filing service:
  • Tax Planning and Tax filing for Real Estate, Hedge/Equity Fund and Crypto

Online cloud-base tax service that automates your entire tax filing on time, avoiding IRS interest and penalties for late filing.


Your business needs an effective set of systems and strategies in place and the most important system is the monthly accounting that will help you with the financial statements for the business and help you control costs and set prices and plan for taxes. Do not follow the flow of business owners who do the accounting at year-end or prefer having no accounting and tax professional help other than Google to ask questions to.

Solution: our accounting and payroll eBOSS service includes:
  • Accounting and Financial Statements

You will not need to ask for the financials of your business. They will be available every month 24/7 online and you will even able to use the software for billing and expenses.

  • Increase your cash flow, reduce costs and grow profits

Automates your entire A/R billing process, increase efficiencies by 50-75%, and eliminate the tedious collection process while adding more hours for you to dedicate to your business.

  • Get immediate answers to all of your questions

Trusted business consulting service to keeps you connected with us via cellphone, email, text or social media to answer all your business questions immediately. You are just one call or post away from finding the answer to your inquiry.

  • Peace of Mind

Release you from worries and stress so you can experience a sense of happiness and freedom in your business.

  • Payroll

You need peace of mind to run your business and keep your workforce happy so they help run your business. We help you get them paid. Your payroll and reporting is streamlined, online and on time with our eBoss service. 

Strategic Financial Planning

You need to move from using your bank statements to manage your business to reading your business financial statements at least once a month, using financial analysis tools such as budgeting and cash flow to have a more in depth view of your business, compare with your industry standards, create your business goals and identify weaknesses and strengths with the reliance of a professional accountant to help you determine where your business is and where is it going.

Solution: our Strategic Financial Analysis service includes:
  • Cash Flow Report

You need to know the cash cycle and plan cash for ups and downs as well as the matching of your cash inflows and outflows, extending credit to your customers, controlling expenses and using credit effectively when needed.

  • Budgeting

Look at the bigger picture and plan realistically how you want to see your numbers. This is the first step for creating a budget. Start with your sales, inventory, salaries and expenses and think on the capital investments you need to do for the year, the estimate of payments form customers and to vendors.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

You need to set up goals as well as metrics to control the achievement of such goals. KPI makes this possible helping you control the liquidity of your business, profitability, return on investment, debt ratio, inventory rotation, accounts receivable and payable rotation.

  • CFO Consulting

Coaching from a seasoned accountant will save you time and money during the implementation of financial management reporting and preparation for the growth plan of your business.

Funding for Expansion

The expansion of your business is an opportunity to receive an external evaluation from the bank or investors. If you have filed your business tax returns reporting low profits or losses thru the years to pay less taxes, the bank will not lend you money. A good tax plan set up at the beginning will help you avoid this costly mistakes. In addition to pursue higher revenues, an expansion also creates realistic goals to attract new clients and give you the awareness that the growth of your business depends on the growth of a loyal customer base and reliable workforce.

Solution: our Financial Projections service includes:
  • Financial Statement Projections

This is the step to produce multiple future year balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement to support the growth plan and expansion of the business.

  • Capital Budgeting

Business growth and fixed and intangible assets are directly related in addition to a loyal customer base and a loyal workforce. Capital budgeting will help you anticipate the needs of the business for capital investments to achieve the goals set on the growth plan.

  • Tax planning

If you can anticipate growth, you can also anticipate taxes. Certainty is the best tool for business decision and a tax plan will help you achieve the goal of minimizing your taxes and achieve the objectives of your growth plan.

Our Business Growth Consulting Package Includes




Tax Planning & Tax Filing Package

Tax Planning & Tax Filing
Accounting & Financial Statements for 3 Banks and 3 CCs




Strategic Financial Planning Package

Tax Planning & Tax Filing
Accounting & Financial Statements for 3 Banks and 3 CCs
Cash Flow Report
Key Perfomance Indicators (KPIs)
CFO Consulting




Business Growth Package

Tax Planning & Tax Filing
Accounting & Financial Statements for 3 Banks and 3 CCs
Cash Flow Report
Key Perfomance Indicators (KPIs)
CFO Consulting
Financial Statement Projections
Capital Bugeting
Tax Planning

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