Offshore Banks for Sale and Investment Opportunities

We have several opportunities waiting for the right investor:

Ecuador: Gold Mine For Sale

  • Investment in a Gold Mine Operation
  • Proved gold reserves with 43101 report: 1.4M ounces
  • Sales Price: $100M
  • Investment Option: $5M
  • Return: 10% annually

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Hotel For Sale in Jersey City USA

  • Location: 345 Baldwin, Avenue
  • Acquisition Price: $5.95M
  • Price per Buildable SF: $50.21
  • Projected Development Cost: $32M
  • Investment Type: Develop, Hold, Sell
  • Investment Period: 5 Years
  • Stabilization Date: 3 Years Operation
  • Projected IRR: 28%
  • Projected Equity Multiple: 2x
  • Projected Yield to Cost: 6.6%

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Hotel For Sale in Jersey City USA

  • Location: Journal Square
  • Acquisition Price: $6.98M
  • Price per Buildable SF: $89.41
  • Project Development Cost: $28M
  • Investment Type: Develop, Hold, Sell
  • Investment Period: 5 Years
  • Projected IRR: 25.3%
  • Projected Equity Multiple: 2.09x
  • Projected Yield to cost: 7.18%

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