10 Tax Mistakes New Business Owners Should Avoid

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The key to reducing the taxes on your business is the accurate application Of all expenses, depreciation amortization, deductions, and credits allowed by law, as well as income tax planning. FAS CPA & Consultants uses specific strategies to lower your taxes, both personal and for your business. What is more, we design a suitable tax plan, addressing the peculiarities of each case to provide the largest possible saving in taxes.


Small businesses find sometimes difficult to prepare their financial statements periodically. They also miss talking to an accountant to anticipate tax liability for the year. Learning about Quickbooks to keep your financials and meeting regularly a CPA will help your business grow.


Business owners are responsible for keeping receipts to prove business deductions such as purchases and expenses reported to the IRS. If you are audited and have no support of your transactions, the IRS will disallow them and your tax bill will be larger. Create a filing system either physical or online to keep your business receipts organized.

Tax Laws

Small businesses should be aware of the many tax laws that affect their operations, from income tax, payroll tax, unemployment tax, excise tax, maintenance expense limits, depreciation methods, etc. To keep current with tax laws and regulations, subscribe to the IRS news or work with a CPA.

As a business owner, your mind and heart are always in your business. Our accounting service eboss, offers you the tools to reach your goals and grow your business. 

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