In today’s fast-paced society and ever-changing economy, everybody needs an expert financial advice and help to ensure you make the most of your money. We at FAS CPA & Consultants are dedicated to assisting you in your business, taxes, offshore and wealth management. Our wide range of services is specifically tailored to answer the needs of both business owners and individuals, covering various activities from incorporating your venture to transferring personal wealth to the next generation and enjoying retirement.

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FAS Certified Public Accountants & Consultants

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Business Intelligence

If you are planning to start or expand your business in the USA, you will need to know many essentials and go through numerous processes to be successful in the market. We can offer you an easy and stress-free solution, covering business incorporation, business licenses, business and marketing plans, business purchase advisory, social media marketing plans, ERP and TPM software implementation, accounting online and auditing services. Are you ready to start your business? Get in touch with us today and let us lead you to success!

Tax Intelligence

Are you sure you are paying the right amount of taxes?  What’s next if you receive a letter from the IRS? Answers to these and many other tax questions are available through our Tax Services. If you are an individual, a domestic business, a foreign company doing business in/with the US or an Expat, we will gladly guide you through the relevant taxation procedures and make sure you don’t pay a cent more than what you should. Many happy clients have benefited from our tax services to solve their complex tax problems and reduce their tax debts. Facing an IRS audit? Help is a click away. 

Offshore Intelligence

Offshore business is not only for celebrities and the big fish out there. In fact, it is one of the best ways to protect your assets and diversify financially. All you need to do is start with the right corporate structure and jurisdiction. There are several ways of securing your assets internationally: offshore company incorporation, offshore bank account, international trust, second passport programs and offshore tax advisory.  Here at FAS CPA & Consultants, we can help you to setup the appropriate offshore vehicle, tax and asset protection strategy. We also provide international banking and offshore mutual funds formation, designed for providers of private banking services to overseas clients. Call us or click below to know more about your offshore options.

Our services provide you with a comprehensive strategy to grow your business, lower your tax bill, improve your cash flow, diversify offshore, preserve your wealth, plan for retirement and transfer  your net worth to the next generation.

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FAS Certified Public Accountants & Consultants

9010 SW 137 AV Suite 201 Miami, FL 33186 T: 786-462-7899 E: info@fascpaconsultants.com

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